Troubleshoot double printing - MG6800 Series

Article ID: ART177551 | Date published: 09/18/2020 | Date last updated: 09/18/2020


Learn the possible reasons and solutions for double printing, when your printed pages contain an unwanted shadow or rainbow image.


Reasons and solutions

Double printing can occur for several possible reasons including an improperly seated ink tank, a misaligned print head, and a dirty encoder stip.
Select one of the links below to get detailed instructions to address the issue.

If the above recommendations do not help resolve the error, the printer will require servicing.

There are two options currently available to you.

  1. Warranty Service – If you are within the 1-year manufacturer’s warranty and have your proof of purchase you are entitled to service or replacement. If you have purchased a CarePak Canon extended warranty, you may be entitled to additional options.  Please create or log into your Canon Account to obtain service.
  2. Out of Warranty – If you are outside of your warranty period, you do qualify for a replacement through the Canon Upgrade Program. Please contact our Sales group to inquire about your upgrade options at 866-443-8002.
To verify your support options please create or log into your Canon Account.

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