Use the Quick Menu Utility to Scan - PIXMA MG5700 Series

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Learn how to use Canon's Quick Menu software on your Windows or Mac computer to scan with your PIXMA MG5700 series printer.


Canon Quick Menu is utility software that makes scanning easy from your Windows or Mac® computer.

  • Quick Menu allows you to rapidly launch the applications and manuals supplied with the printer, or easily access online product information.

  • In addition, when you install My Image Garden, Quick Menu makes running slide shows of images saved on a computer easy by using Image Display.

Download the latest version of Quick Menu from our website or you can learn more about how to use Quick Menu.

Scan using Quick Menu

Open the Main Menu

To access the Main Menu while Quick Menu is running, select the Main Menu symbol (2) at the corner of the icon bars.

image of quick menu

Note You can also right-click anywhere on the Quick Menu bar (1) and select Open Main Menu.

Main Menu options

On the Main Menu, scan buttons will be available on the Scan row.  Click the arrow on the right to see any additional icons.

main menu screen

You can scroll back to the left after any additional scanning options appear when you have clicked the right arrow.

  • To initiate a scan - select Auto Scan, Photo Scan, Document Scan, Custom Scan, or ScanGear.

  • To change scan settings, select Scan Settings (see details below).

Scan settings

If you select Scan Settings, you'll get a new window with additional options.
  • The right pane changes depending on which scanning mode is selected: Auto Scan, Photo Scan, Document Scan, Custom Scan, and ScanGear.

  • Change the settings as desired and select OK.

    Scan settings window

Note You can also access settings for scanning from the printer's operation panel by selecting the middle tab scan from operation panel icon.

General Settings details

The General Settings general settings icon tab allows you to set the product name, file size restrictions on E-mail attachments, language options to detect text in images, and a folder to save images temporarily.

Product Name

  • Displays the name of the product that IJ Scan Utility is currently set to use.

  • If the displayed product isn't the one you want to use, select the desired product from the list.

  • For network connection, select one with Network after the product name.

    Note With a network connection, Select appears on the right side of the product name. Choose Select to display IJ Network Scanner Selector EX that allows you to change the scanner to use.

Email Attachment Size

  • Restrict the size of scanned images to be attached to an e-mail.

  • Select Small (Suitable for 640 x 480 Windows), Medium (Suitable for 800 x 600 Windows), Large (Suitable for 1024 x 768 Windows), or No Change.

Document Language - Select the language for detecting text in images.

Folder to Save Temporary Files - Displays the folder in which to save images temporarily. Click Browse... to specify the destination folder.

Opens this guide

Defaults - Restore the settings in the displayed screen to the default settings.

If your product issue was not resolved after following the steps above, or if you require additional help, please create or log in to your Canon Account to see your technical support options.

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