How (and when) do I replace the rollers on my R50 scanner?
Article ID: ART177567 | Date published: 09/24/2020 | Date last updated: 09/24/2020


 The two rollers (feed roller and retard roller) installed in your scanner are consumable parts. The feed and retard rollers will wear with scanning. If the feed and/or retard roller are worn, documents may not feed correctly resulting in either paper jams or double feeding of documents. When more than 200,000 pages have been feed (total number of pages feed by the scanner), a message prompting you to replace the rollers is displayed on the computer and the scanner's Touch Panel screen.
Replace roller (computer message)

Note: The message on the Touch Panel can be cleared by resetting the roller count. It will always appear whenever the scanner's power is turned on, until you reset the roller count.


 To replace the feed and retard rollers, follow these steps:
  1. Pull the OPEN lever and pull open the front unit toward you.
    Open R50 front cover
  2. Open the feed roller cover.

  3. Remove the feed roller.

  4. Install new feed roller.

  5. Close the feed roller cover.

  6. Open the retard roller cover.

  7. Pull the left lever that secures the retard roller to the scanner, and remove the roller.

  8. Install the new retard roller by inserting the right side first.

  9. Push the left side of the retard roller to secure it to the scanner.

  10. Close the retard roller cover.

  11. Close the front unit.