What are the features of my imageFORMULA R50 scanner?

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 The main features of the scanner are described below.



Scanner Features
Detection Function
Image Processing
Other Requirements

Scanner Features

  • Touch Panel
    The scanner is equipped with touch panel, which makes intuitive operations possible.

  • Wide variety of Connection Modes
    Connections by USB or wireless LAN are available to support your operating environment. Supported USB formats include USB 3.2 Gen 1x1/USB 2.0.

  • Compact Design
    The scanner has a compact size of 291mm (11.5") (W) x 600mm (23.7") (D) x 378mm (14.9") (H).

  • Full Auto Mode
    A full Auto Mode is provided in CaptureOnTouch and the scanner driver to allow scanning under automatically determined conditions. Scanning conditions such as the color mode and page size are set automatically based on the document being scanned.

  • Auto Resolution Detection
    When enabled in the CaptureOnTouch or scanner driver settings, this function detects the content of documents and determines the scanning resolution automatically.

  • Card Scan
    You can scan business or ID cards.

  • Registering Scan Settings to Main Unit
    Often used for scanning and transmitting data can be registered to the scanner.

  • Variety of Scanning Modes
    The scanner is equipped with the following modes: Black and White, Error Diffusion, Advanced Text Enhancement, Advanced Text Enhancement II, Active Threshold, Grayscale, and Color
    *Advanced Text Enhancement and Active Threshold can clarify scanned text by processing  background or foreground colors.

  • Fast Document Feeding
    Documents can be scanned at a speed of up to 40 pages per minute (A4 size, 200dpi).

  • Long Document Mode
    Depending on User Mode settings, it is possible to scan documents up to 3,000mm long (118.1").

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Detection Functions

  • Auto Color Detection
    Automatically detects whether documents are color, grayscale, or black and white.

  • Paper Size Detection
    Detects the document page size before scanning.
    Paper Size Detection

  • Text Enhancement Modes
    The scanner is equipped with an Advanced Text Enhancement mode to make it easier to read documents with dark backgrounds or documents with uneven backgrounds, or documents with uneven backgrounds, and Advanced Text Enhancement II mode to make it easy to read text on documents that have an even background and on which both text and background are light colors., and Active Threshold mode to allow batch processing of various types of documents, such as those with light text or dirty manuscripts.
    These modes may not work, depending on the type of document.

  • Ultrasonic Double Feed Detection
    The scanner stops feeding when the ultrasonic sensor detects that two or more document pages are feeding at the same time.

  • Double feed detection by length
    The scanner stops feeding when a double feed is detected by comparing document page lengths.
    * Based on the length of the first document page, the scanner detects a double feed when fed a different-length page.

  • Prescan
    At the start of scanning, this function presecans the first page and pauses so that you can adjust brightness and contrast before resuming scanning.

  • Text Orientation Detection
    The text orientation on each page is detected, and the scanned image is rotated in 90-degree increments as necessary for normalization.
    Text Orientataion Detection

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Image Processing

  • Prevent Bleed Through/Remove Background
    Prevents the background or original image on the reverse side of thin originals from appearing in scanned images.

  • Document orientation
    The text orientation on each fed page is detected, and the scanned image is rotated in 90-degree increments as necessary to match.

  • Deskew
    If a scanned image is detected to be skewed, the skewed image is straightened.
    Example of Deskew

  • Color Drop-out
    The scanner is equipped with a Color Drop-out function that enables you to specify a color for the scanner to omit from scanned images during monochrome or grayscale scanning.
    Example of Color Drop-out

  • Skip Blank Page
    The scanner scans both sides of each page and skips saving images of pages detected to be blank.
    Example of Skip Blank Page

  • MultiSteam (Windows Only)
    With applications that support the scanner's MultiStream capability, three images with different scanning conditions are created from a single san pass. However, this function is only available when using software that supports MultiStream.
    Example of MultiStream

  • Thickening Text and Lines
    If text and lines in scanned images are very thin, this function corrects for their thickness while scanning.

  • Background Smoothing
    Process scanned images to smooth the background. It can be used when [Detect automatically], [Grayscale], or [Color] is selected for [Color Mode] on the [Basic] tab sheet.

  • Patchcode Detection (Windows Only)
    Patchcode sheets can be inserted in the document stack to perform batch separation.

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Other requirements

  • Auto Start
    The scanner is equipped with an auto start function, which enables scanning to be automatically started when a document placed in the feeder is detected.

  • Sleep Mode
    The scanner is designed to save energy by automatically entering the sleep mode if 10 minutes elapse without scanning or another operation being performed.

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