How to use the "Copy" function of SmartWorks v5.x
Article ID: ART177633 | Date published: 10/08/2020 | Date last updated: 10/08/2020


 Follow these steps to use the Copy function of Smart Works v5.x.


  1.  Insert the original document into the center of the scanner, face up. The size of the document will be displayed in the bottom left hand corner of the software.
  2. Select Copy, Scan or Copy & Archive on the Carousel Home page, or Standard Home page.

  3. For Scan to: PC or USB.
    Scanto PC is default. The button will automatically change to Scan to USB when a USB  memory stick has been inserted into the PC.
    Press Eject USB before removing the USB stick to ensure safe removal. The button then reverts to Scan to PC.

  4. Turn Off Sets, Batch Mode and Preview, then press the Green button.

  5. The process can be cancelled by pressing the Red button.