Error 02 displayed on an EOS DSLR Camera.

Article ID: ART177671 | Date published: 10/15/2020 | Date last updated: 08/16/2022


An error code or message may appear on your product for different reasons. Please see the information information below regarding your specific error code that will explain the cause and provide you with the necessary steps for how to proceed.


Err 02

The camera cannot access the memory card.

  1. Remove and re-install the memory card
  2. Format the memory card as described in the user manual. The user manual can be downloaded by selecting your product from the EOS camera range page
  3. If formatting the memory card does not resolve the error please replace the memory card
If the error message is still showing, then it is necessary for the camera to be inspected by a Canon Factory Service Center.

Please follow this link to begin the repair process:

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