Unable to print using Professional Print and Layout on macOS with a PRO Series printer

Article ID: ART177676 | Date published: 10/15/2020 | Date last updated: 10/15/2020


 When the printer is USB-connected to a Mac and if the USB cable is reconnected, “Please check the printer’s operation panel of the Remote UI.” is displayed in Professional Print & Layout Job Manager and no printing can be performed thereafter in some instances. 

Follow the steps listed below to resolve this phenomenon.



 Completely uninstall and reinstall Professional Print & Layout, then with the printer USB-connected to the Mac, add the printer again.
  1. Press the <Command>, <Shift>, and <.> (period) keys simultaneously. The hidden folders and files will appear.
  2. Delete all five folders listed below. Professional Print & Layout will be completely uninstalled:
    Delete these hidden folders to uninstall Professional Print & Layout

  3. Reinstall Professional Print & Layout.
  4. Start Professional Print & Layout. Confirm that "Printer" is "No Value" and click [OK].

  5. With the printer USB-connected, click [Find Printer]. Select the searched printer and click [OK] to add it.

    Printing will then work as expected from the added printer.


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