How to Connect the Printer to a Wireless Network (Manual Connect) - G7020

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You can directly enter the password for your wireless network into the PIXMA G7020.


Your printer can be connected to a wireless network using the Manual connect method.  This will allow you to specify the network to connect the printer to.  It will also allow you to use the operation panel to directly enter the network password.

To connect the printer to your wireless network using the Manual connect method, follow the steps below.

  1. Press the Setup button (A).

    Press the Setup button (A)

  2. Use the Left or button (B) to select Wi-Fi setup and press the OK button.

    Select Wi-Fi setup and press the OK button

  1. Select Manual connect and press the OK button.

    Select Manual connect and press the OK button

  2. Select your wireless router and press the OK button.

    Select your router from the list and press the OK button

  3. Press the OK button.

    Press the OK button

     If you have Wi-Fi extenders, you may see a message that says Router overlap. If you see this on your printer, use the Left or  button to select Use a single router or Use multiple routers. Press the OK button on the option you want to use.

    If you select Use a single router, you will need to choose the MAC address of the router / access point you want to connect the printer to. Select it and press the OK button. If you do not know which MAC address to use, press the Back  button, then select Use multiple routers and press the OK button.

  4. Enter the password for your wireless network. Text entry is case-sensitive.

    Enter password screen

    If you don't know the password for your wireless router, see the wireless router manual or contact its manufacturer.

    If "Connected" appears, the network does not require a password. Continue from step 8.

  5. After entry, press the OK button.

  6. When the screen below appears, press the OK button.

    Connected. Press [OK]

    If the printer fails to connect to your network, press the OK button, then press the Back  button and try to enter the password again.

  7. Press the COPY button (A).

    Press the COPY button (A)

    The network connection setup is now complete.

After connecting the printer to your wireless network, you can set up a computer or mobile device to work with the printer. Select the computer or mobile device you want to set up.

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