EOS R6 : A+: Fully Automatic Shooting (Scene Intelligent Auto)

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EOS R6 : A+: Fully Automatic Shooting (Scene Intelligent Auto)



A+: Fully Automatic Shooting (Scene Intelligent Auto)

Scene Intelligent Auto is a fully automatic mode. The camera analyzes the scene and sets the optimum settings automatically. It can also adjust focus automatically on either the still or moving subject by detecting the motion of the subject.

  1. Set the Mode dial to Scene Intelligent Auto.

  2. Aim the camera at what you will shoot (the subject).

    • An AF point may be displayed on the subject, under some shooting conditions.
    • When an AF point is displayed on the screen, aim it over the subject.
  3. Focus on the subject.

    • Press the shutter button halfway to focus.
    • You can also focus by tapping a person's face or another subject on the screen (Touch AF) when [Autofocus: Continuous AF] is set to [Disable].
    • Under low light, the AF-assist beam () is automatically activated if needed.
    • For stationary subjects, the AF point is displayed in green when the subject is in focus, and the camera beeps. (One-Shot AF)
    • For moving subjects, the AF point is displayed in blue and tracks subject movement. The camera does not beep. (Servo AF)
  4. Take the picture.

    • Press the shutter button completely to take the picture.
    • The image just captured will be displayed for approx. 2 sec. on the screen.


  • Subject movement (whether subjects are still or moving) may not be detected correctly for some subject or shooting conditions.


  • AF operation (One-Shot AF or Servo AF) is set automatically when you press the shutter button halfway. Note that AF operation cannot be switched during shooting.
  • The Scene Intelligent Auto mode makes the colors look more impressive in nature, outdoor, and sunset scenes. If you prefer other color tones, set the shooting mode to Flexible-priority AE, Program AE, Shutter-priority AE, Aperture-priority AE, or Manual exposure () and select a Picture Style other than [Auto] before shooting ().

Tips Minimizing blurred photos

  • Use a sturdy tripod that can bear the weight of the shooting equipment. Mount the camera securely on the tripod.
  • Using a remote switch (sold separately, ) or a wireless remote control (sold separately, ) is recommended.

Troubleshooting FAQ

  • Focusing is not possible (indicated by an orange AF point).

    Aim the AF point over an area with good contrast, then press the shutter button halfway (). If you are too close to the subject, move away and shoot again.

  • Multiple AF points are displayed simultaneously.

    If multiple AF points are displayed simultaneously, all of these positions are in focus. As long as one AF point is displayed on the subject, you can take the picture.

  • Pressing the shutter button halfway does not focus on the subject.

    If the lens's focus mode switch is set to MF (manual focus), set it to AF (autofocus).

  • The shutter speed display is blinking.

    Since it is too dark, taking the picture may result in a blurred subject due to camera shake. Using a tripod or a Canon EL/EX series Speedlite (sold separately, ) is recommended.

  • The bottom of pictures taken with flash is unnaturally dark.

    If a hood is attached to the lens, it may obstruct light from the flash. If the subject is close, detach the hood before taking the picture with flash.




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