EOS R5 Battery Information

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EOS R5 Battery Information



Battery Information

You can check the conditions of the battery you are using. By registering multiple batteries to the camera, you can check their approximate remaining capacity and usage history.

  1. Select [Set-up: Battery info.].

    • (1) Battery position
    • (2) Model of battery or household power source used.
    • (3) Battery level indicator () with the remaining battery level, in 1% increments.
    • (4) The number of shots taken with the current battery. The number is reset when the battery is charged.
    • (5) State of battery recharge performance, in three levels.

      • Battery information3 (monitor) (Green): Battery recharge performance is good.
      • Battery information 2 (monitor) (Green): Battery recharge performance is slightly degraded.
      • Battery information1 (monitor) (Red): Purchasing a new battery is recommended.


  • Using a genuine Canon Battery Pack LP-E6NH/LP-E6N is recommended. If you use batteries that are not genuine Canon products, the camera’s full performance may not be attained or malfunction may result.


  • The shutter count is the number of still photos taken (not including movie recording).
  • Battery information is also displayed when an optional Battery Grip BG-R10 is used.
  • If a battery communication error message is displayed, follow the instructions in the message.

Registering Batteries to the Camera

You can register up to six LP-E6NH/LP-E6N/LP-E6 battery packs to the camera. To register multiple batteries to the camera, follow the procedure below for each battery.

  1. Press the INFO button.

    • With the battery info. screen displayed, press the INFO button.
    • If the battery is not registered, it will be grayed out.
  2. Select [Register].

  3. Select [OK].

    • The battery is now displayed in white.


  • The battery cannot be registered if the household power outlet accessories (sold separately, ) are used.

Labeling Batteries with Serial Numbers

It is convenient to label registered LP-E6NH/LP-E6N/LP-E6 battery packs with their serial numbers, using commercially available labels.

  1. On a label approx. 25×15 mm, write the serial number (1).

  2. Apply the label.

    • Set the power switch to Power off.
    • Remove the battery from the camera.
    • Apply the label as shown in the illustration (on the side with no electrical contacts).


  • Do not apply the label on any part other than as shown in the illustration in step 2. Otherwise, the misplaced label may make it difficult to insert the battery or impossible to turn on the power.
  • When you use Battery Grip BG-R10 (sold separately), the label may peel off after repeated insertion and removal from the battery magazine. If it peels off, apply a new label.

Checking the Remaining Capacity of a Registered Battery Not in Use

You can check the remaining capacity of batteries not currently in use, as well as their last date of use.

  1. Find the matching serial number.

    • On the battery history screen, find the battery serial number (1) matching the serial number that the battery is labeled with.
    • You can check the respective battery’s approximate remaining capacity (2) and the date when it was last used (3).

Deleting the Registered Battery Information

  1. Select [Delete info.].

  2. Select the battery information to delete.

    • [Check] is displayed.
  3. Press the Erase button.

    • Select [OK] on the confirmation screen.




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