How to mount and dismount lenses from the EOS M50 Mark II.

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Canon : Product Manual : EOS M50 Mark II : Attaching/Detaching Lenses



Attaching/Detaching Lenses

All EF-M lenses can be used.

Attaching a Lens

  1. Remove the caps.

    • Remove the rear lens cap and the body cap by turning them as shown by the arrows.
  2. Attach the lens.

    • Align the white mount index on the lens with the mount index on the camera and turn the lens as shown until it clicks into place.

  3. Prepare to shoot.

    • Press (1) as you turn (2) slightly, then release (1).
    • Turn (2) a little more until it clicks.
  4. Remove the front lens cap.

Detaching a Lens

  1. While pressing the lens release button, turn the lens as shown by the arrow.

    • Turn the lens until it stops, then detach it.
    • Attach lens caps to the lens you removed.


  • Do not look at the sun directly through any lens. Doing so may cause loss of vision.
  • When attaching or detaching a lens, set the camera’s power switch to Power off.
  • If the front part (focusing ring) of the lens rotates during autofocusing, do not touch the rotating part.


  • For instructions on how to use the lens, refer to the Lens Instruction Manual ().
  • Shooting angle of view

    Because the image area is smaller than 35 mm film format, the effective angle of view corresponds to approx. 1.6 times the lens’s indicated focal length.

    • (1) Image area (approx.) (22.3×14.9 mm)
    • (2) 35 mm film format (36×24 mm)

Tips for avoiding smudges and dust

  • When changing lenses, do it quickly in a place with minimal dust.
  • When storing the camera without a lens attached, be sure to attach the body cap to the camera.
  • Remove smudges and dust on the body cap before attaching it.




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