Countermeasures for Each Message

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Countermeasures for Each Message


Check the following to find out possible causes and solutions for each message.


Countermeasures for Each Message

Check the following to find out possible causes and solutions for each message.
If you cannot send a fax or the memory is full, or you encounter operation problems, a message appears on the display.
A counterfeit or non-Canon cartridge may be in use. The amount in the cartridge cannot be displayed correctly.
An error occurred during certificate verification.
An incompatible toner cartridge is inserted. Cannot use the Print function with this toner cartridge.
Cannot analyze the authentication server certificate.
Cannot change the destination type of destinations registered to a group.
Cannot find the access point.
Cannot print RX data.
Cannot receive the fax. Make sure the fax was sent correctly by the sender.
Cannot recognize the image.
Cannot send because more than one destination is specified.
Cannot specify group destinations, or multiple destinations at the same time.
Cannot specify group destinations when on-hook.
Cannot use these settings. Sending to the specified destination is restricted.
Cartridge Communication Error A counterfeit or non-Canon cartridge may be in use.
Change the authentication password.
Check the authentication settings.
Copying is restricted.
Could not connect.
Could not connect. Check the PSK settings.
Could not connect. The maximum number of devices that can connect to the access point has been reached.
Could not connect using Easy Connection via PC. The device will restart.
Could not connect using the wireless LAN. Turn the main power OFF and ON, then configure the settings again.
Could not connect using WPS. Wait a moment, then configure the settings again.
Could not detect any connections from wireless devices.
Could not perform cleaning.
Could not perform correction.
Could not perform Open System authentication. Check the WEP settings.
Could not perform Shared Key authentication. Check the WEP settings.
Direct Connection terminated.
Easy Connection via PC ended due to timeout The device will restart.
End of Cartridge Lifetime
Faxing is restricted.
Google Cloud Print Authentication Error
Google Cloud Print Communication Error
Load paper.
Low Cartridge Level
Memory Full (Secure Print)
Memory Full (Skip Error)
Memory Media Print is restricted.
No reply from the destination.
No response from the host.
Paper jammed.
Paper Settings and Loaded Size Mismatch
Prepare cartridge.
Printing is restricted.
Remote scanning is restricted.
Scanning is restricted.
Set the correct authentication information.
Set the information necessary for authentication.
Specifying and registering new destinations is restricted.
The authentication server certificate has expired.
The authentication server certificate is incorrect.
The computer is restricted.
The fax number has too many digits.
The memory is full.
The memory is full. Enter the original type settings again.
The memory is full. Scanning will be canceled. Do you want to print?
The number of entered characters is incorrect or invalid characters are used.
The USB memory is restricted.
The WEP key is not set correctly. Check the WEP settings.
Use Remote UI to set the information necessary for authentication.



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