Cannot Print

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Cannot Print


A possible cause may be that there is a problem with the print data or the printer driver. Check the following.


Cannot Print

A possible cause may be that there is a problem with the print data or the printer driver. Check the following.
Another possible cause may be a problem with network or USB connection. Check whether the connection is correct.

Is paper loaded correctly?

Check whether paper is loaded correctly. Loading Paper

Can you print a Windows test page?

If you can print a Windows test page, there is no problem with the machine or the printer driver. Check the print settings of your application. Basic Windows Operations

Is the file name of the document to print is rather long?

When you send a job from your computer to the machine, it is sent with a name created based on the file name of the document and the name of the application employed for printing. A too long job name will make impossible proper sending, so ensure that the document file name is not too long.

Are you using security software or the like?

Ensure that printing is not restricted by security software or other resident software.

Does failure occur when you try to print a specific document or print from a specific application?

Create the document in question from scratch or import the document content into a new file, and then try printing again.
Check whether the document can be printed from a different application. If the result is successful, it indicates that there is a problem with the original application. Contact the application maker.

Isn't there a problem with the printer driver?

Reinstall the printer driver. Installing Drivers
Check whether the paper size or output size is set properly.
Check whether bidirectional communication is enabled. If it is disabled, enable it and restart the computer. Basic Windows Operations

Isn't there a job remaining unfinished?

If printing is interrupted for any reason, the job will remain in the machine as data waiting to be printed. In this case, the machine may not operate or respond even when it receives a new print instruction. Delete the remaining job, and then try printing again. Canceling Prints

Are you printing with the lpr command?

To continuously print PDF data using the lpr command, print jobs one by one at intervals according to the <Timeout> setting. <Printer>

Has an error occurred?

To determine whether any error occurred in printing, check the job log.

Can you print from other computers?

If you also cannot print from other computers, contact your local authorized Canon dealer or the Canon help line.



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