Parts of the Printer (Inside View) - G1220
Article ID: ART178733 | Date published: 12/09/2020 | Date last updated: 12/09/2020


Learn about the parts found inside the PIXMA G1220.


Inside View

Inside view of printer

A: Tank Cap

Open to refill ink tanks.

B: Ink Tanks

The black ink tank is on the left, and the color ink tanks (cyan, magenta, and yellow) are on the right.

If any ink levels are low, refill the low tanks.

C: Upper limit line

Indicates the maximum capacity of the ink.

D: Single dot

Indicates the amount of ink required when performing ink flush.

E: Lower limit line

Indicates the lower limit of the sufficient amount of ink to print. Refill the ink tank before the amount of ink is below this line.

F: Ink Valve Lever

Operate when transporting a printer

G: Print Head Holder

The print head is pre-installed.

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