How do I do batch separation using the R40/R50/RS40 scanner?

Article ID: ART178784 | Date published: 12/22/2020 | Date last updated: 06/09/2021


According to the manual, the R40/R50/RS40 is capable of doing batch separation but when I try to enable it, I cannot find it in the options of CaptureOnTouch.


The version of CaptureOnTouch that comes is bundled with the R40/R50/RS40 scanner is CaptureOnTouch Standard. Unfortunately, CoT Standard does not do batch separation. In order to do batch separation with the R40/R50 you will need to download CaptureOnTouch Pro and use that version (instead of the bundled Standard version). You can find CaptureOnTouch Pro here:
CoT Pro can be found under the DR-S150 Drivers & Downloads (Software Tab)

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