Setting the paper size and type - MF640 series - MF740 series
Article ID: ART178973 | Date published: 01/19/2021 | Date last updated: 01/19/2021


This article covers the basics of setting the paper size and type for the cassette(s).

The following models are covered in this article.
  • MF641Cw
  • MF642Cdw
  • MF644Cdw
  • MF741Cdw
  • MF743Cdw
  • MF745Cdw
  • MF746Cdw


1. Select Paper Settings in the Home screen.

2. Select the paper source to set the paper size and type.
  • When the optional cassette feeding module is installed, it's paper drawer is also displayed.

3. Select the paper size.
  • If the loaded paper size is not displayed, select Other Sizes.

4. Select the paper type.