Removing paper jams - LBP6230dw

Article ID: ART178976 | Date published: 01/19/2021 | Date last updated: 01/19/2021


If paper jams, the   (Alarm) indicator flashes, and the message <Paper Jam inside Printer> and paper jam locations are displayed in the Printer Status Window.


Paper Jams Inside the Rear Cover

If the jammed paper cannot be removed easily, do not forcibly pull it out, but follow the procedure for a different paper jam location indicated by the message.
1. Open the rear cover.

2. Gently pull out the paper.

3. Close the rear cover.

Paper Jams Inside the Top Cover

If the jammed paper cannot be removed easily, do not try to pull it out forcibly. Proceed to the next step.
1. Gently pull out the paper.
Output tray
Manual feed slot
Multi-purpose tray
Fold the tray cover, and then pull out the paper. If there is paper loaded in the multi-purpose tray, remove it before proceeding to clear paper jams.

2. Close the auxiliary tray, and then open the top cover.

3. Remove the toner cartridge.
4. Check whether paper is jammed inside the paper output guide.
1. Open the paper output guide.
Press and hold the green button, and then pull the paper output guide toward you.

2. Gently pull out the paper.

3. Close the paper output guide.
Make sure that both the left and right sides of the guide are closed firmly.

5. Gently pull out the paper.
Hold both edges of the paper, pull the leading edge of the paper down, and then pull it out.

6. Replace the toner cartridge.
7. Close the top cover.

If you cannot resolve an issue by yourself, your machine may need service.

Do not attempt to repair the machine by yourself. 

Contact the Canon Customer Care Center at 1-800-OK-Canon, Monday through Friday.

When calling Canon please have the following information ready.
  • Product name
  • Details about your problem
  • Serial number (found on a silver label on the back fo the machine)

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