Unable to scan with the DR-C225W / C225W II on macOS 11 (Big Sur) using Wi-Fi

Article ID: ART178988 | Date published: 01/22/2021 | Date last updated: 01/22/2021


If you are experiencing difficulties using the DR-C225W or DR-C225W II wireless (via Wi-Fi) on macOS 11 (Big Sur), please follow the steps listed below.


  1. Update to the latest firmware for the scanner.
    In order to use the scanner wirelessly on Big Sur, the firmware must first be updated to the latest version. You can find the firmware listed here: 
    Download and install latest firmware.

  2. Once the firmware has been updated, you will need to download and install the latest versions of the following files:
    - TWAIN Driver
       Download and install latest TWAIN driver.
    - CaptureOnTouch for Mac and Network Connection Utility

       Download and install latest software.

  3. Once you have downloaded and installed the 3 files listed above (step 2), locate the "Network Setup Tool" in your Application folder and run it.
    Find and run the
  4. When the Network Setup Tool starts up, choose the button marked "Easy"
    Read through each step and follow the directions carefully. The last step of the installation setup process will confirm communication between the scanner and the computer. You should receive a setup complete screen if everything was successful.
  5. The only other thing that needs to be done is to select the wireless connected scanner. On the CaptureOnTouch icon (on the top right of your screen), click on it and then select the option "Select Scanner".
    Click on Select scanner
    You should see 2 versions of the DR-C225 listed. You want to select the one that has the serial number and IP address added onto the scanner name.

    Click OK.
  6. That's it......go ahead and start CoT and you are ready to scan!

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