Printing on envelopes on a Mac computer - MF640 and MF740 Series

Article ID: ART179058 | Date published: 01/27/2021 | Date last updated: 01/27/2021


This article covers how to print on envelopes from a Mac computer. A link is included on how to load envelopes and set the paper type.
  • MF641Cw
  • MF642Cdw
  • MF644Cdw
  • MF741Cdw
  • MF743Cdw
  • MF745Cdw
  • MF746Cdw


Before selecting File → Print check the following.
  1. Confirm the envelopes are loaded and paper is set correctly, click here for instructions.
  2. Confirm the correct size is set in the application. Check you application instructions for guidance.

This explains the basic procedure for printing configuring the printer driver settings.

1. Select [Print] from the application's [File] menu.

2. Select a device from [Printer] → select the panel from the pop-up menu and set the necessary items.
If no print options are displayed, click [Show Details] at the bottom of the dialog box.
When printing using a preset, select the name of the preset you want to use from [Presets].

3. Set the [Paper Size] to the envelope size that is loaded.

4. Click [Print].

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