Changing the System Manager ID and PIN

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Set the system manager account, "System Manager ID." You can also set a PIN for the System Manager ID. If the System Manager ID is specified, you can access items that require administrator privileges, for example, <Network> and <Management Settings>, only when the System Manager ID and PIN have been entered correctly. The System Manager ID settings information is critical to the security of the machine, so make sure that only Administrators know the System Manager ID and PIN.

This article applies to the following models:
  • MF746Cdw
  • MF745Cdw
  • MF743Cdw
  • MF741Cdw
  • MF644Cdw
  • MF642Cdw
  • MF641Cdw


1. Select <Menu> in the Home screen.
2. Select <Management Settings>.
If the System Manager ID has already been set
If the login screen appears, enter the correct ID and PIN. 

The default setting for the MF746Cdw and MF745Cdw are both 7654321. The other models are not set at the factory.

3. Select <User Management>   <System Manager Information Settings>.

4. Select <System Manager ID and PIN>.

5. Specify the System Manager ID and PIN.
  • Specify the <System Manager ID>   <System Manager PIN>.
  • Enter numbers for each item, and select <Apply>.
  • The Confirm screen is displayed. Enter the PIN once again to confirm.

  • You cannot register an ID or PIN that consists only of zeros, such as "00" or "0000000."
  • To cancel the System Manager ID and PIN settings, clear the information you entered in   and select <Apply> with the fields blank.

Do not forget your PIN. If you forget your PIN, contact your local authorized Canon dealer or the Canon help line.

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