Inserting a USB Flash Drive - GX7020

Article ID: ART179649 | Date published: 04/15/2021 | Date last updated: 04/21/2021


This article provides information on inserting a USB flash drive in the MAXIFY GX7020.


Inserting a USB Flash Drive

Supported Image Files

  • Can print JPEG data taken with cameras conforming to Design Rule for Camera File System specifications, as well as TIFF images. Both types of images must conform to Exif 2.2/2.21/2.3. Other types of images or movies such as RAW images cannot be printed.

  • Can print images scanned and saved by the printer itself with Doc.type set to Photo and Format set to JPEG (file extension ".jpg").

 This device incorporates exFAT technology licensed from Microsoft.

 If the USB flash drive does not fit in the printer's USB flash drive port, you may need an extension cable for it. This accessory is available at electronics stores.

 Not all USB flash drives may be detected by the printer, and correct operation is not guaranteed.

 Secure USB flash drives may not be compatible.

Insert the USB flash drive into the USB flash drive port.

Make sure the USB flash drive is right-side up and insert it straight into the port.

Figure: USB port location

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