Main Components of the Printer (Rear View) - GX7020

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Learn about the components found on the MAXIFY GX7020 when viewing it from the rear.


Rear View

Figure: Rear view of printer

A: USB Port

Plug in the USB cable to connect the printer with a computer.

B: Wired LAN Connector

Plug in the LAN cable to connect the printer to a LAN (Local Area Network).

C: External Device Jack

Connect an external device such as telephone or answering device.

D: Telephone Line Jack

Connect the telephone line.

E: Power Cord Connector

Plug in the supplied power cord.

F: Rear Cover

Detach when removing jammed paper.

G: Transport Unit Cover

Open when removing jammed paper.

H: Maintenance Cover

Open when replacing the maintenance cartridge.

I: Maintenance Cartridge

Absorbs ink used for cleaning.

 Learn how to replace the maintenance cartridge.

 Don't touch the metal casing.

 Don't plug in or unplug the USB cable while the printer is printing or scanning with the computer. This can cause problems.

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