Replacing the Cutter Blade (PRO/TX Series)

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Follow the steps below to replace the consumable cutter blade.


 How to Replace the Cutter Blade
  • The cutter blade can not be replaced if there is paper in the moving range of the cutter. Remove the paper.
  1. Tap Maintenance on HOME screen.
    The Maintenance screen appears.

  2. Tap Replace cutter blade unit.
    A confirmation message appears.

  3. Tap Yes.
    The carriage moves and after it stops moving, instructions for the cutter blade replacement procedure appear on the touch screen.
    • If you do not take action within 2 minutes, cutter blade replacement is canceled. In this case, start over replacement from the beginning.

  4. Open the top cover.
    Open the top cover.

  5. If cutter blade is dirty, use a damp cloth that you have wrung out completely to wipe it clean.
    • Do not use tissue paper, paper towels, rough-textured cloth, or similar materials for cleaning so as not to scratch the surface.
    • Do not touch the linear scale (A), carriage shaft (B), or ink tube stabilizer (C). Touching these may cause malfunction.
      Do not touch the linear scale, carriage shaft, or ink tube stabilizer.

  6. Turn hex screw with hex wrench until loose.
    Loosen screw with hex screw.

  7. Remove cutter blade while holding D.
    Remove old cutter blade.
    • Never touch any part other than D. This may stain your hands or cause injury. Additionally, this may damage the printer.
    • Do not disassemble the cutter blade. Touching the blade may cause injury.

      Please note!
    • Do not remove the maintenance cartridge during initialization immediately after replacing the maintenance cartridge. The maintenance cartridge may become damaged.

  11. Install new cutter blade while aligning E to F and G to H.
    Install new cutter blade.

  12. Install while aligning fixing part included whith replacement cutter blade with center of cutter blade.
    Install new cutter blade

  13. Turn hex screw until securely fixed..
    Turn hex screw until secured.
    • After the cutter blade is secured, check that the cutter blade does not come off. If the cutter blade comes off, this may damage the printer.

  14. Remove fixing part.
    Remove fixing part.
    • Always remove the fixing part. Operating with the part installed may damage the printer.

  15. Close top cover.
    Close top cover

  16. Tap Yes.

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