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Learn about the PIXMA Print Plan, available on select Canon PIXMA printers.


Canon’s PIXMA Print Plan is exclusively available for select PIXMA printers. Billing is based on the plan you choose. You decide which plan is right for you based on the number of pages you print, not on how much ink you use. You can choose one of the monthly plans available.

Available Plans

 All plans include 100 free pages* after enrollment.






1 page


30 Pages

Rollover up to 30 pages.**


100 Pages

Rollover up to 100 pages.**


200 Pages

Rollover up to 200 pages.**

*Free pages expire 6 months after enrollment.

**Monthly plan pages will be used before rollover pages from the previous month.

Your printer will need to be connected to a wireless network.

 See if your PIXMA printer is eligible for this service.


  1. What is PIXMA Print Plan?

    PIXMA Print Plan is a subscription service based on printed pages. Depending on your expected monthly print needs you select the appropriate Plan for you. The subscription cost for the Monthly Print Plan (which allows for Rollover Pages) covers the cost of ink cartridge delivery and ink usage. We will ship you a set of PIXMA Print Plan Cartridges after you enroll in any of the subscription plans offered by the PIXMA Print Plan Service.

    Our PIXMA Print Plan Service is set up so you can manage your PIXMA Print Plan based on your usage needs.

  2. How do I manage my subscription to the PIXMA Print Plan Service?

    Your enrollment in the PIXMA Print Plan is managed by you and you have complete control over your subscription through your MyCanon Account.

    You can change your enrollment and selection of your PIXMA Print Plan through your MyCanon Account.

    An upgrade to your PIXMA Print Plan (increase the number of included pages per month) is effective within the current billing cycle. A downgrade (decrease the number of included pages per month) will be effective with the next billing cycle after you have made the subscription change.

  3. How do I cancel my subscription the PIXMA Print Plan Service?

    You can cancel your enrollment in the PIXMA Print Plan Service at any time.

    You cancel your enrollment through your MyCanon Account.

    1. Log into your MyCanon Account

    2. Go to my Manage Plan

    3. Select Cancel Plan

      Cancellation of your enrollment includes a cancellation of your Monthly PIXMA Print Plan and/or the Pay Per Print Plan subscription. The cancellation will take effect at the end of the current billing cycle for your Monthly PIXMA Print Plan.

      When canceling a Monthly PIXMA Print Plan, you will receive your final bill at the end of the current billing cycle. The remaining rollover pages, if any, will expire at the end of the billing cycle in which you request the cancellation.

      When canceling a Pay Per Print Plan subscription you can continue to print Pages until the end of your current billing cycle. You will receive your final bill at the end of the current billing cycle for all Pages printed after your cancelation request.

  4. Do I need to order ink cartridges while enrolled in the PIXMA Print Plan Service?

    No, with the PIXMA Print Plan we will monitor your usage and ink levels. New PIXMA Print Plan Ink Cartridge(s) will be provided as your ink level gets lower and the printer will prompt you when to change the cartridge(s). There is no need to call and order or lookup the cartridge type.

    You must keep your PIXMA Print Plan Printer connected to the Internet to allow Canon to consistently monitor your ink levels.

    The PIXMA Print Plan Cartridges are ink cartridges specifically designed for PIXMA Print Plan printers and they will not work in non-PIXMA Print Plan printers (See if your PIXMA printer is eligible for this service).

    PIXMA Print Plan cartridges only work while subscribed to a PIXMA Print Plan, see the terms of service for specifications and cartridge restrictions.

  5. What are the requirements for the PIXMA Print Plan Service?

    ‚ÄčIn order to enroll in the PIXMA Print Plan Service and maintain your subscription in the PIXMA Print Plan, there are a few requirements:

    1. You need to check your printer's eligibility. Only select PIXMA print models are supported. For a full list of eligible printers visit the PIXMA Print Plan.

    2. You need to have a valid payment method (credit card) and an active e-mail address.

    3. You need a wireless connection to the Internet, your printer must be connected to the Internet and Auto powered on setting must be enabled for your ink levels to be monitored.

    4. You need to maintain your current shipping address in your MyCanon Account for delivery of your PIXMA Print Plan Ink Cartridges.

  6. What plans are available?

    Available plans can be seen near the top of this article.

  7. Where is the PIXMA Print Plan service available?

    The PIXMA Print Plan Service is available for residents of the continental United States who utilize a PIXMA Print Plan Printer.

  8. How can I keep track of my available remaining pages and billing?

    All of your account information can be reviewed and managed on your MyCanon Account. You will be able to track your printed pages and billing information as well as make changes to your account.

  9. When will I be billed for my PIXMA Print Plan subscription(s)?

    You may receive promotional pages with your initial enrollment in the PIXMA Print Plan. Both the Monthly Print Plan and the Pay As You Monthly Print Plan will start billing when you print the first page after the promotional pages have been used or 6 months from the first enrollment date, whichever comes first. This will be your service start date for billing purposes.

    Please note that a Monthly Print Plan will be billed at the service start date and the Pay Per Print Plan will be billed at the end of your monthly cycle for the Pages you have printed.

  10. How are printed pages counted?

    All pages printed on your PIXMA Print Plan Printer, regardless of size or ink coverage, are considered a printed page. Printing on both sides of the page will be counted as two pages.

  11. Do you offer a free trial?

    No, we do not offer a free trial.

    If we offer promotional pages for enrolling the first time in the PIXMA Print Plan Service you will be notified upon enrollment and will have 6 months to use the promotional pages.

  12. Can I enroll both the Auto Replenishment Service (ARS) and the PIXMA Print Plan Service for my PIXMA Print Plan Printer?

    No. You cannot enroll your PIXMA Print Plan Printer in both Services. The same printer cannot be associated with two Services or accounts.

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