Entering Letters, Numbers, and Symbols - GX6020 / GX7020
Article ID: ART179854 | Date published: 06/04/2021 | Date last updated: 06/04/2021


Learn how to enter letters, numbers, and symbols on the MAXIFY GX6020 / GX7020.


Entering Letters, Numbers, Symbols

You can enter text when a keyboard is shown on the printer. Follow the procedure below.

figure: Text entry screen, showing keyboard

  1. Multiple characters are assigned to each key displayed in the screen. Tap a key repeatedly to enter a character.

    To enter characters assigned to the same key successively, move the cursor by one character to the right first using Right.

    Switch between letters of the alphabet and numbers

    Tap to switch between letters of the alphabet and numbers.

    Switch between upper and lower case letters

    Tap to switch between upper and lower case letters.

    Switch between symbols

    Tap to switch between symbols.

    Supported symbols

    . @ - _ SP * # ! " , ; : ^ ` = / | ' ? $ % & + ( ) [ ] { } < > \ ~

    SP: Indicates a single space.

    Insert a space

    Tap to insert a space.

    Delete the character at the cursor

    Tap to delete the character at the cursor. Use Left or Right to move the cursor to the target character.

  2. Repeat 1 until text entry is complete.

 To insert characters, move the cursor to the character on the right of the target position using Left or Right, and then tap characters.

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