Adjusting the color settings on Mac Big Sur 11.0 for color imageCLASS printers

Article ID: ART179943 | Date published: 06/15/2021 | Date last updated: 06/15/2021


This article details how to change between Color and Black and White as well as adjust the advanced color settings. The following model series are covered in this article.
  • MF620 Series
  • MF630 Series
  • MF640 Series
  • MF720 Series
  • MF730 Series
  • MF740 Series
  • LBP600 Series
  • LBP712Cdn


1. From the program you are using select "File" then "Print".

2. There will be a button that says "Show Details" or "Hide Details" in the lower left corner. If the button shows "Show Details" click it so it changes to "Hide Details", then continue.

3. Select "Quality" in the drop down that says "Layout".

4. In the "Color Mode' drop down select "Black and White" or "Color".

5. Advanced color settings can be modified by selecting the "Color Settings..." button.

6. Adjust the color settings as desired.

7. Click "OK" to return to the print dialog, then click "Print".

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