Detaching and attaching the separation pad - P-208 Series

Article ID: ART180176 | Date published: 07/29/2021 | Date last updated: 07/29/2021


When replacing the separation pad, perform the following steps to detach it from and attach it to the unit.


Detaching the separation pad
  1. Open the document feed tray and the feeder cover.
    Open document feed tray and feeder cover.
  2. Push up  the paper pressure until it makes a click sound.
    Push up on the paper pressure until it makes a click sound.
  3. With the paper pressure in a raised position, detach the separation pad.
    Detach the separation pad.
Attaching the separation pad
  1. Attach the separation pad.
    Attach the separation pad.
  2. Close the feeder cover.
    Close the feeder cover.

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