Printing with Short Pitch Width - Mk2600

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Learn how to print with a short pitch width when using the Mk2600.


Printing with short pitch width

By selecting Expansion on the Plate Printing Area selection display and selecting the character size and number of lines accordingly, the printable number of characters within the short pitch will increase.

 If Expansion is selected on the Plate Printing Area selection display, only plates can be used as the printing media.

Printing on a plate for a narrow width terminal block.

ex. Create the following plate for a 5mm wide terminal block.

Print the following 5 characters on a plate in 5mm width.

Example of short pitch width printing

  1. Press [Char Size].

  • Press Up arrow or Down arrow to select 2mm 50%.

2mm 50% chosen

  1. Press [Set Lines].

  • Press Up arrow or Down arrow to select 2 lines.

2 Lines selected

A check mark is displayed next to the currently selected number of lines.

  1. Press [Seg Len].

  • Press Up arrow or Down arrow to select Specify.

  • Press 5, then enter 5 mm as the segment length.

  • Press [Enter].

Segment Length selection display

Segment length range that can be specified

Plate Printing Area

  • Press Up arrow or Down arrow to select Expansion.

  • Press [Enter].

Plate Printing Area selection display

If Expansion is selected on the Plate Printing Area selection display, only plates can be selected as the printing media.

  • The message appears.

  • Press [Enter].


  • Press Up arrow or Down arrow to select Centered.

  • Press [Enter].

Alignment selection display

All line centering

  • Press Up arrow or Down arrow to select On.

  • Press [Enter].

All Line Centering selection display

  1. Enter characters.

  • Enter A-123, press Down arrow, then enter R-11.

  • Start printing.

Characters entered

 Only 1.3mm double-byte characters can be set to three lines.

 The maximum number of printable characters depends on the segment length setting.

 If you wish to increase the number of printable characters
When Normal is selected on the Plate Printing Area selection display, spaces are automatically inserted at the left and right of the printer. When Expansion is selected, the printing area expands all over the segment length without inserting any space.

If your product issue was not resolved after following the steps above, or if you require additional help, please create or log in to your Canon Account to see your technical support options.

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