What is Canon Inkjet Smart Connect? (Windows)

Article ID: ART180365 | Date published: 09/03/2021 | Date last updated: 11/28/2023


This article provides an introduction to Canon Inkjet Smart Connect for Windows.


What is Canon Inkjet Smart Connect?

Canon Inkjet Smart Connect is an application for easily accessing printer functions. This app will allow you to:

  • Print or scan smoothly with user-friendly operations.
  • Check your printer's status (error, ink, network, etc.) at a glance.
  • Check services or download applications that can help enhance your printing experience.

Main screen of Canon Inkjet Smart Connect

Where can I download Canon Inkjet Smart Connect?

This app is available through the Microsoft App Store.

What do I need in order to run Canon Inkjet Smart Connect?

Xbox One, or PC with Windows 10 version 17134.0 (Build 1803) or higher

 This app was not designed for Windows running in S Mode. It is possible that it may work. However, at this time it is not officially supported.


What models are compatible with Canon Inkjet Smart Connect?

The models that are supported by this app can be found below.

If your product issue was not resolved after following the steps above, or if you require additional help, please create or log in to your Canon Account to see your technical support options.

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