What size of photos can my RS40 scan?

Article ID: ART180371 | Date published: 09/08/2021 | Date last updated: 03/08/2022


The photo sizes that this scanner can scan are shown below:


  Dimensions Loading Capacity Total thickness of the photo stack
 3R/L  3.5" x 5" (89 x 127mm)  40  Less than 0.4" (10mm)
 4R/KG  4" x 6" (102 x 152mm)  40  Less than 0.4" (10mm)
 5R/2L  5" x 7" (127 x 178mm)  40  Less than 0.4" (10mm)
 8R  8" x 10" (203 x 254mm)  10  Less than 0.2" (6mm)
 Instant (Sheet Film Type only)  Less than 5.8" x 8.2"
(148 x 210mm)
 3  -
 Photo using carrier sheet  Less than 5.8" x 8.2"
(148 x 210mm)
 1  -

  • If the photos are curled, flatten them until they are curled 0.07" (2mm) or less, or reduce the number of photos that are loaded.
  • Photos are more likely to curl in low temperature. Photos are less likely to curl if you scan them in an environment whose room temperature is from 15o to 25o C (59o to 77o F) with humidity of 40 to 60%.
  • Photos may stick together, depending on the thickness and type of paper used for the photos.

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