What types of photos might need special care?

Article ID: ART180372 | Date published: 09/08/2021 | Date last updated: 09/08/2021


The following photos may not scan well or may be damaged when scanned.


  • Photos that are not square/rectangular
  • Photos that are not flat
  • Photos that are curled more than 0.07" (2mm)
  • Photos that are wrinkled or creased
  • Photos that have edges that are peeling apart
  • Photos that have interiors that are peeling apart
  • Photos that have a sticky front surface
  • Photos that have labels or stickers stuck to them (ones that are tightly stuck on)
  • Photos that have hardened glue or adhesive on them
  • Photos on photosensitive paper from instant cameras that are not sheet-film types
  • Curled photos should have the curl smoothed and flattened.
  • Check that the labels or stickers are tightly stuck on, and that no glue has oozed out.

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