What is the proper way to use the carrier sheet with my RS40 scanner?

Article ID: ART180374 | Date published: 09/08/2021 | Date last updated: 09/08/2021


If the photo is not placed properly inside the carrier sheet, you may get a document jam or not get a scanned image as intended. Please load the photos into the carrier sheet as shown below.


  • Insert documents straight into the center of the carrier sheet.
    Proper scanning will not be possible if the photo is too close to either side, tilted, or protruding from the carrier sheet.
    Load photos centered and straight.
  • When scanning instant photos, put the thick part (outlined in red below) toward the right or left edge of the carrier sheet. This part might be detected as a double feed error when it passes through the center rollers of the scanner.
    Load thick white part of instant photos toward the right or left edge of carrier.
  • The carrier sheet is a consumable item. Replace with a new one when necessary, if there is visible damage or smudging. The Canon part number for the carrier sheet is: 5349C001AA.

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