Names and Functions of Parts - Mk1500

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This article provides a brief overview of the parts of the Mk1500.


Main Unit

Figure: Parts of the Mk1500

  1. Pull out the cutter.

  1. Pull out the wrap-around tape guide.

  1. Reinstall the cutter.

Pull out the cutter

Pull out the wrap-around tape guide

Reinstall the cutter


  1. Cover
    Open this cover when you need to load a cassette or tube.

  1. Transport roller 3
    This roller feeds printed printing media to the cutter.

  1. Cover release
    Pull this lever to the left to open the cover.

  1. Transport roller 3 release lever
    Pull this lever to the right to release transport roller 3. Use this lever when clearing jammed printing media.

  1. Power switch
    Use this switch to turn the power on and off. Flip the switch to the "|" position to turn the power on, and flip the switch to the "O" position to turn the power off.

  1. Tube intake
    Insert tube here (when tube attachment installed).

  1. LCD screen
    Displays text that has been entered or the information about settings.

  1. Outlet
    Printed printing media emerges here.

  1. Ribbon cassette holder
    Place the ribbon cassette holder.

  1. Keyboard
    Enter text to be printed and data for settings through this keyboard.

  1. Mounting location for tube attachment or printing media cassette
    Mount the tube attachment or label tape cassette here. The option Tube Warmer also mounts here.

  1. AC adapter connector
    Connect the AC adapter cable here.

  1. Cutter
    The cutter cuts printing media automatically. The cutter can be replaced.

  1. Wrap around tape guide
    This guide is installed when printing on wrap around tape. Remove it when printing to other meia.

  1. Cutter receiver
    This is the receiver for the cutter blade when cutting printing media. When the cutter is replaced, the cutter receiver is replaced at the same time.

  1. Handle
    Hold this handle when carrying the printer.

  1. Print head
    This device prints by applying heat to a ribbon. As it becomes very hot, do not touch this device while printing is in progress or immediately after printing.

  1. Connector for ribbon cassette
    This is to read out information of the ribbon cassette. Do not touch and deform the connector.

  1. Transport roller 1
    This roller feeds printing media to the print head.


  1. Transport roller 2
    This roller feeds printing media past the print head.


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