Changing the Printing Orientation - Mk1500

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Learn how to change the printing orientation when using the Mk1500.


Changing the Printing Orientation

It is possible to print characters with their orientation changed as shown below. It is also possible to change the oriantation on a page basis or for all pages together after entering characters.

 The printing orientation of each page can be changed.

Horizontal Character

Example of horizontal / horizontal text

Vertical Character

Example of vertical / vertical orientation


ex. Print label tape (12mm wide) as shown below.

Example of vertical character orientation

1. Press Format.

  • The function selection display appears.

Function selection display

2. Press Left arrow or Right arrow to select 1: Format, then press [Enter].

  • The Orientation display appears.

Orientation display

3. Press Left arrow or Right arrow to select 2: Vertical, then press [Enter].

  • The character entry display appears.

Character entry screen

4. Press [Style].

  • This is because you are going to enter two lines.

Style options screen

5. Press Left arrow or Right arrow to select 2: Line, then press [Enter].

Line setting screen

6. Press Left arrow or Right arrow to select 2: 2 lines, then press [Enter].

  • The character entry display now shows two lines.

Text entry display shows two lines

7. Input 12V.

12v entered on the first line

Confirm that the characters that are entered are displayed on their side.

8. Press Down arrow or Right arrow.

 If you press [Enter] instead of Down arrow or Right arrow, a new page is created.

The cursor is on the second line

9. Input 24V.

24V entered on the second line

10. Press [Print / Print Option].

  • The Select media display appears.

Select media display

11. Press Left arrow or Right arrow to select 4: Label, then press Label size [Enter].

  • The label tape size (width) selection display appears.

Label tape size selection screen

12. Press Left arrow or Right arrow to select 3: 12mm, then press Print [Enter].

  • The sets to print display appears.

Sets to print screen

13. Press [Enter].

Check the media position

14. Confirm the location of the leading end of the loaded label tape, press Left arrow or Right arrow to select the input side, then press [Enter].


 If the lead end of the loaded label tape is at transport roller 2, select [IN], and if it is at the cutter side, select [OUT].


Canceling printing

If you press [Cancel], the message Aborting print appears and printing is aborted. In this case, label tape that is currently being printed is cut and then ejected.


 Printing might not be performed correctly in some orientations, depending on the settings for the media size and the character size.

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