Printing on Tubes and Clear Tubes (Powering On / Entering and Deleting Characters) - Mk1500

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Learn how to print on tubes and clear tubes with the Mk1500.


Turn the Power Switch On

Before turning the power switch on, make sure that the cassettes and tube have been inserted properly, that the cover is closed, and that the AC adapter has been properly connected.

1. Press the "|" side of the switch.

  • The startup display appears.

Press the "|" side of the switch

  • The startup display appears.

Startup display

Startup display

  • Character input display appears after displaying the ribbon cassette information.

 The character input display appears immediately if no ribbon cassette is installed.

Ribbon cassette information display

Ribbon cassette information display

 Do not turn the power switch on and off rapidly. This can cause misoperation and the loss of stored data.

Inputting characters

ex. Print four each of the following tube segments.

Example of text on tube segments

Tube to be used: 3.0mm

1. Enter 200V

 To enter uppercase letters or the characters appearing on the upper half of the keycaps, press and hold the [Shift] key, and then press the desired key. If you enter a wrong character by mistake, press [Back Space] to delete the character and then enter the correct character.

200V entered on display

2. Press [Enter].

  • A new page appears, and the system awaits additional text entry.

Text entry display. Arrow at the upper left indicates a page prior to this one

3. Enter Pump Room.

If you enter an incorrect character, press [Back Space] to delete the character, then enter the correct character.

Pump Room on display

4. Press [Enter].

  • A new page appears, and the system awaits additional text entry.

New text entry display

5. Enter A1.


 If you accidentally enter an incorrect character (e.g. Entering 240V instead of 200V):

1. Press Left arrow or Right arrow and move the cursor Cursor to the 0.

Cursor moved to 0

2. Press [Back Space] to delete the 4.

The number 4 was deleted

3. Press 0 to enter the correct character.

0 has been entered

 To delete all entered text:

1. Press [Delete].

  • The Delete display appears.

Delete display

2. Press [Enter].

  • All characters on all pages are deleted.

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