Printing on Tubes and Clear Tubes (Character Limits / Printing) - Mk1500

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Learn how to print on tubes and clear tubes with the Mk1500.


Number of Characters That Can Be Entered

The printer can accept data input of approximately 2500 characters on all pages combined. If the printer's capacity is exceeded, the messages Not enough memory Character input is no longer possible appears. If this occurs, save all text data, delete all characters that are displayed on the display, then continue entering new characters.

What is a Page?

As used in relation to the printer, the term Page has special meaning. The text entries 200VPump Room, and A1 that were entered are actually entered on three separate pages. A new page is automatically created whenever you enter characters and press [Enter].

Examples of pages

Viewing Data from a Previous Page

If there is a page preceding the currently displayed page, Left arrow appears in the upper left corner of the display. If you press the Left arrow key and move the cursor to the left past the first character that is currently shown on the display, the display will change to show the character data from the preceding page. You can also jump to the preceding page by pressing ShiftLeft arrow.

If there is a page following the currently displayed page, Right arrow appears in the upper right corner of the display. If you press the Right arrow key and move the cursor to the right past the last character that is currently shown on the display, the display will change to show the character data from the next page. You can also jump to the preceding page by pressing Shift + Right arrow.

Pages before and after the current page


After entering the characters, follow these steps to start printing.

1. Press [Print / Print Option].

  • The print media selection display appears.

 No ribbon cassette is displayed if the ribbon cassette is not installed. Install the ribbon cassette.

 No ribbon information. No ribbon amount displayed. Press enter is displayed if the information cannot be read due to the ribbon cassette failure and so forth. If this message is diaplayed, follow the instructions on the screen.

 Print media is the material that you are printing on, such as a tube, heat shrink tube, label tape, wrap around tape, 4mm I.D. strip, plate, or clear tube.

Select the print media

2. Press Left arrow or Rightt arrow to select 1: Tube, then press [Enter].

  • The tube size (inner diameter) selection display appears.

Select the tube size

3. Press Left arrow or Rightt arrow to select 2: 3.0mm, then press [Enter].

Select the correct tube size. Printing will not be performed correctly if you do not select the correct tube size.

  • The sets to print and range setting display appears.

 A rough amount of the remaining ink ribbon is displayed. When the information of the cassette is not properly retrieved, the amount of the ribbon does not appear.

Sets to print display

4. Press 4, then press [Enter].

  • This result of this operation is that the character data for three pages is printed four times.

Check media position (IN)

5. Confirm the location of the leading end of the loaded tube, press Left arrow or Rightt arrow to select the appropriate input side, then press [Enter].

 If the leading end of the loaded tube is at transport roller 2, select [IN], and if it is at the cutter side, select [OUT].
If the wrong side is selected, media will be wasted.


Canceling printing

If you press [Cancel], the message Aborting print appears and printing is aborted. In this case, the tube that is currently being printed is cut and then ejected.


6. Take out the tube.

  • A half-cut tube is ejected.

 If a tube jams, hold down [Cancel] until the printer beeps. The printer stops all operations immediately. In this case, the tube is not cut and it is not ejected.

Take out the tube

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