Changing the Cutting Depth - Mk1500
Article ID: ART180393 | Date published: 09/14/2021 | Date last updated: 09/14/2021


This article shows how to adjust the cutting depth of the Mk1500.


Changing the cutting depth

If the cutter does not properly cut tube or tape label, try changing the cutting depth. The cutting depth for half cuts and for full cuts can be adjusted as described below. In addition, these adjustments can be made separately for each type of print media.

 If half cuts are made so deeply that they completely cut through the tube, adjust cutting to a shallower depth. Note that a deeper cutting depth will cause the cutter and the cutter receiver to wear out more quickly.

Half cut

Full cut

Half cut options

Full cut options

ex. Full cuts of label tape are not complete cuts, so increase the cutting depth by one step

  1. Press [Option].

  • The setting display appears.

Setting display

  1. Press Left arrow or Right arrow to select 1:Adjustment, then press Adjustment mode [Enter].

  • The Adjustments display appears.

Adjustment display

  1. Press Left arrow or Right arrow to select 4:Full cut, then press Select media [Enter].

  • The Select media display appears.

Select media display

  1. Press Left arrow or Right arrow to select 4:Label, then press [Enter].

  • The Full-cut adjustment display appears.

 The cutting depth can be set for each type of printing media.

Full Cut Depth display

  1. Press Up arrow once so that Deep 1 appears.

  • Each time Up arrow is pressed, the cutting depth increases by one.

 When adjusting the depth for a half cut, pressing Down arrow reduces the depth.

Full Cut Adjustment: Deep 1 selected

  1. Press [Enter].

  • The display returns to the character entry display. The cutting depth is now one step deeper.

 What to do if the cutter still does not cut well (Force full cut)

If the cutter will not cut well no matter how much you adjust the cutting depth, try using Force full cut. When force full cut is performed, the cutter cuts to the deepest depth possible. If the cutter still does not cut even when using force full cut, the cutter needs to be replaced.

  1. Press [Option].

  • The setting display appears.

Setting display

  1. Press Left arrow or Right arrow to select 3:Maintenance, Maintenance mode then press [Enter].

  • The maintenance selection display appears.

Maintenance selection display

  1. Press Left arrow or Rightt arrow to select 2:Full-cut, then press [Enter].

  • The full cut confirmation display appears.

Full cut confirmation display

  1. Press [Enter].

  • A full cut is made.

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