Replacing the Ribbon Cassette - Mk1500

Article ID: ART180396 | Date published: 09/14/2021 | Date last updated: 09/14/2021


Learn how to replace the ribbon cassette in the Mk1500.


Replacing the ribbon cassette

If the message End of ribbon. appears while printing is in progress, replace the ribbon cassette as shown below.

  1. Open the cover.

Open the cover

  1. Detach the ribbon cassette.

  • Pull the cassette out toward you.

 Place the removed ribbon cassette into the plastic bag, then discard it immediately in compliance with local regulations regarding the disposal of such items.

Pull out the cassette toward you

  1. Take up any slack in the new ribbon.

  • Remove the stopper and then fix the slack in the ribbon.

 The printer cannot detect the ribbon if it has any slack. Always be sure to take up slack in the ribbon when installing a cassette.

 Dispose the removed stopper according to local government regulation.

Take up any slack in the new ribbon

  1. Install the new ribbon cassette.

  • Push the cassette in until it clicks into place.

 If the ribbon cassette is loose, the ribbon may not be detected, so be sure to press it in until it clicks.

Push the cassette in until it clicks into place

 Do not hold the connection terminal (metal part) of the cassette. Doing so could cause an improper recognition of the cassette.

  1. Close the cover.

Close the cover

  1. Press [Enter].

  • Printing resumes from the page following the page that was interrupted.

If your product issue was not resolved after following the steps above, or if you require additional help, please create or log in to your Canon Account to see your technical support options.

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