Maintenance: Cleaning the Print Head / Cleaning or Replacing the Tube Cleaner for Attachment - Mk1500

Article ID: ART180399 | Date published: 09/14/2021 | Date last updated: 09/14/2021


Learn about cleaning the print head and cleaning / replacing the tube cleaner for attachment on the Mk1500.


Cleaning the print head

Use a cotton swab to clean dirt from the print head. Be very careful not to scratch the head. Also, always be sure to turn the power switch off before beginning to clean the print head. If the print head is extremely dirty, place a few drops of a dilute, mild detergent on the cotton swab, then wipe the dirt away. Never use alcohol, benzene, or other solvents. Such chemicals could damage the unit.

Use a cotton swab to clean dirt from the print head

Cleaning / Replacing the tube cleaner

The tube attachment has a tube cleaner that removes dirt from the surface of the tube. Remove the tube cleaner as shown in the illustration, then clean the sponge to remove accumulated dirt.
When the sponge becomes damaged, replace the tube cleaner.

Remove the cleaner, then clean the sponge to remove accumulated dirt

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