Removing the Print Media - Mk1500
Article ID: ART180403 | Date published: 09/14/2021 | Date last updated: 09/14/2021


This article provides information on removing the print media from the Mk1500.


Removing the print media

When changing the print media from tube to label tape, or from label tape to tube, it is necessary to take out the media that is currently set in the printer. However, because the printer feeds tube or label tape into its transport rollers, it is not possible to simply pull out the current media. It is first necessary to perform the operation described below to release the tube or label tape that has been fed into the unit.

 These operations are the same for heat shrink tube, wrap around tape, 4mm I.D. strip, and clear tube.

 Even after the printing media has been removed, the printer will continue to operate.

  1. Press [Remove].

  • A confirmation display appears.

Confirmation display

  1. Press [Enter].

  • The tube or label tape is released by the transport rollers.

 After pressing [Enter], use the feed function if the tube or label is not released from the transport roller (unable to remove) even after the printer has stopped.

  1. Open the cover.

Open the cover

  1. (Tube only) Pull the tube out of the tube attachment.

Pull the tube or plate out of the attachment

  1. Detach the tube attachment or the label tape cassette from the printer.

Detach the attachment or the media cassette from the printer

  1. Close the cover.

Close the cover

  1. Prepare to print.


 Confirm that the ribbon is not slacked.

Tighten the ribbon if the ribbon is slacked when removing the tube or label tape.

Tight the ribbon if it has slack

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