Adjusting the Printing Density - Mk1500

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Learn how to adjust the printing density of the Mk1500.


Adjusting the printing density

Printing may be too dark or too light in some cases, depending on the environment in which the printer is used and the characteristics of the print media. In such cases, adjust the print density. The printing density can be adjusted to five levels.

ex. Printing on a tube is too light, so increase the printing density.

  1. Press [Option].

  • The setting display appears.

Setting display

  1. Press Left arrow or Right arrow to select 2:Print option, then press [Enter].

  • The setting display appears.

Setting display

  1. Press Left arrow or Right arrow to select 1:Density, then press [Enter].

  • The Print density selection display appears.

Print density selection display

  1. Press Right arrow two times.

  • Print density 1 is the lightest print density, and print density 5 is the darkest print density.

 Press Left arrow to make the printing density lighter.

Print density selection display

  1. Press [Enter].

  • The display returns to the character entry screen. Maximum density is now selected.

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