Loading Character Data - Mk1500

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Learn how to load character data that has been saved on the Mk1500.


Loading character data

There are two methods for retrieving character data that has been stored in files: New and Add.

Loading with New

When character data (file) is retrieved, the character data that is currently displayed is deleted and is replaced with the retrieved character data.

Loading with Add

When the character data (file) is loaded, it is added following the last page of the data that is currently displayed.

ex. Add the text saved in the file "Switch" to the currently displayed text.

  1. Press [Regist.].

  • The file operation checking display appears.

File registration checking display

  1. Press Left arrow or Right arrow to select 2:Find, then press Find mode [Enter].

Find mode

  1. Press Left arrow or Right arrow to select 2:Add, then press [Enter].

  • The Choose file display appears.

 If no files have been saved , the message No files. appears and the display returns to the character input display.

"*" appears next to the names of files that cannot be loaded because of their data size.

Choose file display

  1. Press Left arrow or Right arrow to select Switch 1, then press [Enter].

  • The Add loading confirmation display appears.

Add loading confirmation display

  1. Press [Enter].

  • After the screen shown to the right appears, the last page of the loaded character data is displayed.

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