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Learn how to change the length and alignment of characters when printing with the Mk1500.


Changing the length and the character alignment

After each tube or label is printed, it is output in a Half cut condition*. The length between half cuts is called the segment length. There are two modes for setting the segment length: Automatic and Specify.

Furthermore, the positioning of characters printed on a tube or label is called the Alignment. There are two settings: Centered and Left.

*Initial setting

 The segment (cutting) length and character position can be set independently for each page.

Example of segment length and character position


The optimal segment length is selected automatically, based on the number of characters entered, the size of the characters, and the character spacing. The character alignment is centeredAutomatic is the initial setting.

Because the length of each tube is determined automatically on the basis of the number of characters, the size of the characters, and the spacing between each character, tube segments will be of different lengths if they have different numbers of characters.

Example of centered character alignment


The segment length is specified by the user. The segment length can be specified in steps of 1 mm within the range of 8 mm to 150 mm. If Automatic is set and one tube is produced with four characters while another is produced with two characters, the tube with two characters will be shorter. (Refer to the diagram above). In this situation, you can have the two-character tube and the four-character tube cut to the same length by selecting Specify and then setting the four-character tube segment length. The character alignment can be selected as either Centered or Left.

If the segment length is specified, the tube length is always the same, regardless of whether two or four characters are printed.

Character alignment: Centered

Character alignment: Left

Example of centered character alignment

Example of left character alignment

 Depending on print media characteristics and the environment in which the printer is being ued, the segment length and the margins may vary slightly from the set values. The settings should only be considered as guidelines. The characteristics of tube in particular can cause significant variances. Information for making adjustments for these variances can be found here.

ex. Print the following character data with the segment length set to 50mm, "Left" set for the character alignment, and a margin of 5 mm.

Example of 50 mm segment length print

  1. Press [Length / Margin].

  • The Set length display appears.

Set length display

  1. Press Left arrow or Right arrow to select 2:Specify, then press Specify [Enter].

  • The segment length input display appears.

 Segment length can be set from 8 to 150 mm.

Segment length input display

  1. Enter 50 for the segment length, then press [Enter].

  • The character alignment selection display appears.

Character alignment selection display

  1. Press Left arrow or Right arrow to select 1:Left, then press [Enter].

  • The margin setting input display appears.

Margin setting input display

  1. Enter 5 for the margin, then press [Enter].

  • The display returns to the character entry display.

Character entry display

  1. Enter the character data and proceed to print.

Pump Room entered on screen

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