Printing a Specific Page Multiple Times (Continuous Print) - Mk1500

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This article provides information on how to print a specific page multiple times with the Mk1500.


Printing a specific page multiple times (Continuous Print)

Assume that you want to produce the following tube segments.

 The number of continuous printings can be set from 1 to 100 for each page.

Example of continuous printing

In a case such as that shown in Fig. 1, you can obtain the same results by creating the character data shown below and then printing page 2 (Pump Room) three times. The function that prints multiple copies of a specific page is called Continuous Print.

Example of three pages, with page 2 being printed three times


ex. Produce the tubes shown in Fig. 1.

  1. Enter the character data shown in Fig. 2.

C1 entered on the screen

  1. Display the page for which you wish to use continuous print.

  • Press [Shift] + Left arrow or [Shift] + Right arrow and display the page in which Pump Room has been entered.

Pump Room displayed on the screen

  1. Press [Conti.].

  • The continuous printing count entry display appears.

Continuous printing count entry display

  1. Input 3 (Continuous Printing Count), then press [Enter].

  • The character entry screen returns.

Pump Room displayed on the screen

  1. Perform the printing operation.

 Canceling continuous print

Follow the steps below to cancel continuous printing.

  1. Display the page for which you want to cancel continuous print.

Pump Room displayed on the screen

  1. Press [Cont Print].

  • The Continuous Print selection page appears.

Continuous printing count: 3

  1. Input 1, then press [Enter].

  • The character entry screen returns, and continuous printing is canceled.

Pump Room displayed on the screen

 Continuous print setting also applies to new pages

Refer to Fig. 2 above. Assume that the continuous print setting has been made for the C1 page instead of the Pump Roompage. If a new page is created after the C1 page, the continuous print setting that is in effect for the C1 page is also automatically applied to the new page.

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