Speed Dial Utility2 Dialog (macOS) - TR4720
Article ID: ART180456 | Date published: 10/11/2021 | Date last updated: 10/11/2021


This article provides information on the Speed Dial Utility2 dialog on macOS.


Speed Dial Utility2 Dialog

The following items are on the Speed Dial Utility2 dialog.

figure: Speed Dial Utility2 screen

  1. Printer Name:

    Selects the printer for editing the telephone directory using Speed Dial Utility2.

    Behind printer name, printer's MAC address is displayed.

  2. Display Printer Settings

    Loads the telephone directory registered on the printer that selected for Printer Name: into Speed Dial Utility2.

  3. Setting Item List:

    Selects a setting item for editing. Choose one item from TEL Number Registration, User Information Setting, and Rejected Number Setting.

  4. Registered information list

    Displays the registered information selected for Setting Item List:.

     By clicking on the item name, you can sort the display order.

  5. Edit... / Select All / Delete

    Edits the item that selected for Setting Item List:, or deletes the item, or selects all the items.

    When multiple items on the registered information list are selected, you cannot use the Edit... button.

  6. Load from PC...

    Displays the telephone directory saved on the computer.

  7. Instructions

    Displays this guide.

  8. Exit

    Quits Speed Dial Utility2. Information registered or edited using Speed Dial Utility2 is neither saved on the computer nor registered on the printer.

  9. Save to PC...

    Saves the telephone directory edited using Speed Dial Utility2 on the computer.

  10. Register to Printer

    Registers the telephone directory edited using Speed Dial Utility2 to the printer.

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