Support Code 2700 Appears - TR4520 / TR4522

Article ID: ART180507 | Date published: 11/04/2021 | Date last updated: 11/04/2021


Learn how to troubleshoot support code 2700 on the PIXMA TR4520 / TR4522.




Possible causes include the following.
  • Some errors occurred while copying and a certain time passed.
  • Document is remained in ADF (Auto Document Feeder)
  • Some errors occurred while scanning and the document is remained in ADF.

What to Do
Follow the actions below.
  • If you were making a copy when the error occured, press the printer's OK button to resolve the error, and retry copying.
  • If a document remains in the ADF, press the printer's OK button to feed out the documen.
  • If you were in the process of scanning, press the Stop button to cancel the operation, then retry scanning.

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