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This article provides basic information regarding the areas available in your Canon Account.


If you have a Canon Account, there are several different areas you can access when you are signed in. These areas can be accessed by selecting them on the left side of the screen.


This area provides an overview of your account. Any products that you have registered will appear here. You'll see the products themselves, as well as if they're covered under a registered service plan. You'll also see their serial numbers. If you click the ellipsis (the three red dots) to the right, you can see more information about your product, view available support options, or remove the product from your account.

Screenshot of Canon Account - Dashboard view

Account Settings

This area allows you to update the photo you want to show for your account. You can delete or update the photo shown if desired. You can also change the email address associated with your Canon Account.
You can also adjust additional information, not shown in the screenshot below:

  • Name

  • Address

  • Phone Number

  • Business Information (if your product is used in a business)

Account Settings screen, options to edit photo, email address, and password shown

Email Preferences

This area allows you to opt into or out of various emails that you would like to receive from Canon. Select the kind(s) of emails you would like to receive, then scroll down and click Update Subscriptions (not shown in the screenshot below). You can also click Opt-out of all Emails (not shown in the screenshot below) if you want to stop receiving any emails that you are currently receiving from Canon.

Email Preferences screen

My Address Book

This area allows you to edit your primary address, your default billing and shipping address, or any other billing and shipping address that you have set up in your account. You can also create additional addresses if desired.
You also have the option to set any billing and shipping address you have created as the default used when ordering from the Canon Online Store.

My Address Book screen

My Subscriptions

This area allows you to see if you have any printers enrolled in the Auto Replenishment Service or the PIXMA Print Plan. You can also get more information on these plans by clicking the links (What is Auto Replenishment Service? / What is PIXMA Print Plan?). If you don't have any printers enrolled in either service, you can click See My Printers, then click Register Printer (not shown in the screenshot below).


My Orders

If you have any pending orders through the Canon Online Store, selecting this option will take you to a login screen for the Canon Online Store. From there, you will be able to check the status of any orders place with the Canon Online Store.

My Products

This area shows you any products that you have registered in your Canon Account. This same information is displayed in the Dashboard area.

Product Registration

This area will allow you to register a product to your Canon Account. As instructed, begin typing the model name of your product into the field shown, then select it from the list. Click Next to proceed. Follow any additional on-screen instructions to register the product.

Product Registration screen

CarePAK Activation

This area will allow you to active a CarePAK plan for your product. Enter it into the field shown, then click Go. If you don't have a CarePAK, you can click the link shown in red text (Click here) to purchase a CarePAK for your product. The CarePAK activation code will be emailed to you.

CarePAK Activation screen

Get Service & Support

This area will allow you to view available service and support options for any registered products in your Canon Account. Click Get Service & Support to the right of the product you need service or support for, then scroll down to see your available support options. These options will vary depending on warranty status (an example of support options is shown in the second screenshot below).

Get Service & Support screen

Example of support options for a registered product

Canon Professional Services

This area provides information on Canon Professional Services (CPS). It shows any points you have in your balance. You can also scroll down towards the bottom of the page and you'll see a button that you can click to register products that may be eligible for CPS coverage. Another link opens a pop-up window that will show you what products are eligible for CPS coverage.

Canon Professional Services screen

You can see what products are eligible for CPS coverage

If your product issue was not resolved after following the steps above, or if you require additional help, please create or log in to your Canon Account to see your technical support options.

Or if you still need help, visit our Canon Community by clicking the button below to get answers:

Link to Canon Community Forum


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