MAXIFY GX5020 Ethernet Setup - macOS

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This article shows how to set up your Mac® to connect to the MAXIFY GX5020 that is connected via Ethernet to your network.


Ethernet Setup - macOS

To be able to use your printer on a wired network with a Mac®, the Ethernet port on the printer must be activated. Next, connect one end of an Ethernet cable to the back of the printer. Then, connect the other end of the cable to your router. Finally, you'll need to download the setup file for your computer.

Enable Wired LAN on the Printer

To activate the Ethernet port on your printer:

  1. With the printer powered on, press the Setup  button.

  2. Press the Right arrow button until Device settings appears. Press the OK button.

  3. Press the Right arrow button until LAN settings appears. Press the OK button.

  4. Press the Right arrow button until Wired LAN appears. Press the OK button.

  5. Enab./dis. wired LAN is the first option on the screen. Press the OK button.

    Figure: LCD

  6. Press the Left arrow button to select Enable. Press the OK button.

    Figure: LCD

The Ethernet port is enabled.


Download and run the setup file.*

Get the Setup File

After downloading the setup file, double-click the Master Setup icon.

Master Setup icon

Enter your user name and password in the fields provided then select Install Helper.

Select Install Helper (outlined in red)

  1. Select Start Setup on the first screen.

    Click Start Setup (outlined in red)

    The installer will check for the latest information related to your printer.

    Checking the latest information

  2. Read the license agreement. Select Yes to proceed.  If you select No, the installation will not proceed.

    Click Yes (outlined in red) to proceed

  3. Select Agree or Do Not Agree to the information request.

    Click Agree or Do not agree (both outlined in red) to proceed

    This message appears if you selected Do not agree. Click OK to proceed.

    Click OK (outlined in red) to proceed

  4. After processing for a few moments, the installer will display the following message. Select Next.

    Click Next (outlined in red) to proceed

    The installer will search for the printer.

    Searching for printers

  5. The installer will ask you to select your printer. Select the printer in the list, then click Next.

    Select the printer, then click Next (outlined in red)

     If your printer is not detected, make sure that the computer has reconnected to the correct network (if your computer is connected via Ethernet to your router, you won't need to worry about this). Also, you may need to temporarily disable any firewall software, or you may need to open blocked ports in the firewall. If your Mac is connected to a VPN (Virtual Private Network), temporarily disconnect from the VPN and try the setup again.

    The installer will communicate with the printer.

    Please wait

  6. Make sure that your printer is shown in this window, then select Continue.

    Click Continue (outlined in red)

  7. The computer will communicate with the printer. Please wait.

    After a few moments, the connection will be completed.

    The connection is completed

    The installer will download software, then process for a few moments.

  8. When this screen appears, select Add Printer.

    Click Add Printer (outlined in red)

  9. Select your printer series with Bonjour listed in the Kind column. Select AirPrint or Secure Airprint for Use: and click Add.

    Select the printer with Bonjour listed in the Kind column. Select AirPrint or Secure Airprint for Use: and click Add (outlined in red)

  10. Select Next.

    Click Next (outlined in red)

  11. After processing for a few moments, the following screen will appear. Select Next.

     If desired, select Test Print to print a test page.

    Click Next (outlined in red) to proceed

  12. Select Go to Website. The installer will close.

    Click Go to Website (outlined in red) to close the installer

If your product issue was not resolved after following the steps above, or if you require additional help, please create or log in to your Canon Account to see your technical support options.

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