How to prepare your Printer for transportation

Article ID: ART180773 | Date published: 05/17/2022 | Date last updated: 05/17/2022


Follow the steps below to prepare your printer for transportation.


  1. Remove the paper.
  2. If the touch screen indicates to replace maintenance cartridge, replace maintenance cartridge.
  3. Tap Maintenance on HOME screen.
    The Maintenance screen appears.
  4. Tap Prepare to move.
  5. Tap Move indoors on the same floor, Move indoors to a different floor or Transport outdoors.
    A confirmation message appears.
  6. Tap Yes.
    The printer is now prepared for transfer.
    When the preparation is finished, a message prompting you to open the ink tank cover appears on the touch screen.
    • If consumables must be replaced, a message appears on the touch screen, and preparation is disabled.

  7. Open ink tank cover to remove all ink tanks.
  8. Push down release lever (A), as shown below, as you gently return all ink tank lock levers to their original positions.
    Return all ink tank lock levers to original position.
  9. Close ink tank cover.
    Ink is now draw into the maintenance cartridge.
    A confirmation message will appear when the process is finished.
    • Do not remove the maintenance cartridge except when the message indicating replacement is displayed.
      if you remove the maintenance cartridge while ink is being removed, the ink may leak out.

  10. Press ON button and turn off printer.

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