Firmware Update Procedure - USB Cable Method

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This article shows how to update the firmware for your printer with a USB connection. 

Items Required

  • USB cable

 The printer driver must be installed on your computer must be installed before updating the printer's firmware. If the driver is not installed, the printer will not be detected by the firmware update utility.


1. Download the Update Utility to your Computer

Please select your printer model to access its firmware update page. Take note of the location to which the file downloads

iB4020 MB2020 MB2320 MB5020 MB5320


iP110 MG6620 MG7520 MX490 MX492


2. Firmware Version Update Procedure

  1. Connect the computer to the printer with a USB cable.

    If an Ethernet cable or a USB cable for camera connection is connected to the printer, disconnect it.

    For models with memory card slots, remove all memory cards from slots.

     If using a Mac, make sure that the computer does not enter sleep mode during this process.

  2. Start Printer Update Utility (). Double click the file you downloaded.

  3. Power on the printer.

  4. Check the message under Step 1 and select Next.

  5. Check the message under Step 2 and select Start.

    Figure: Printer Update Utility window

    Depending on your operating system, what you see in the operation window may differ.

    Printer name: The name of the printer connected to the computer

    Current software version: The firmware version of the connected printer

    Update software version: The firmware version available for update at this time

     Do not power off the printer or disconnect the USB cable until the update is complete. Doing so may cause malfunction.

     If the Start button is grayed out, the printer may not be eligible for the update. If the Current software version is greater than the Update software version, the update is not required. Select Cancel to cancel the update.

  6. When the message appears in Step 3, check its contents and select Quit.

    This completes the firmware update.

    When the update is complete, the printer powers off automatically. To use the printer, disconnect and then reconnect the power cable. Then, power the printer back on.

    If using the printer over Wi-Fi, disconnect the USB cable. If using it with wired LAN, disconnect the USB cable, and then connect the Ethernet cable.

     A new icon Canon XXX series (Copy 1) may be created automatically after the update. In some cases, the new icon may have been set as the default printer. If this has happened, set the original printer icon as the default.
    The Canon XXX series (Copy 1) icon can be safely deleted as needed.


Error Causes and Corrective Actions



Corrective Action

An error occurred during the printer function update.

Since the update failed, the printer cannot be used in its current condition.

Power on the printer again, and then be sure to restart the utility.

The printer was powered off or the USB cable was disconnected during the update.

Select OK to exit Printer Update Utility. Power off the printer, and then power it back on after a few seconds.
Start Printer Update Utility again and run it.

If the printer does not operate properly, it needs repair.

The printer cannot be found.

Make sure that the printer is not in the following state:

  • The printer and the PC are not connected correctly with a USB cable.

  • The printer power is off.

  • The latest firmware is installed on the printer.

  1. The printer and the computer are not connected with a USB cable.

  2. The printer is powered off.

  3. The downloaded Printer Update Utility is not for the printer to be updated.

  4. The printer is operating.

  5. The printer driver is not installed. (Windows)

  1. Connect the computer to the printer with a USB cable.

  2. Power on the printer.

  3. Download the Printer Update Utility for the printer to be updated, and then start over from the beginning.

  4. Wait for the printer operation to finish, and then run Printer Update Utility.

  5. Install the printer driver.

If your product issue was not resolved after following the steps above, or if you require additional help, please create or log in to your Canon Account to see your technical support options.

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